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Wavelength Yoga

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Gaze at the waves as you find length in your body, ebb and flow through a slow vinyasa sequence designed to move your body in every direction, increasing flexibility, fluidity and strength whilst encouraging relaxation and release.

The Yellowave Clubhouse provides a perfectly soothing environment for our practice, with large windows providing views of the ocean - like practising on the beach, only without the uncomfortable stones and unpredictable weather.

We are also offering a childcare option with this class (spaces limited), so that you can safely leave your child in the care of an experienced nanny to play games and do crafts, whilst you practise yoga undistracted (this mother's dream!!)

Spaces must be booked online beforehand (especially if you need childcare).

10:30-11:30, Tuesdays beginning 27th February 2018
The  Yellowave Clubhouse, Brighton

£9 to be booked and paid in advance or £40 for a 5 class card (to be used within 2 months of the first class)
£5 per child for an hour of expert childcare

Book now to secure your mat